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Health Guaranty


All of our puppies come with a limited health guaranty. We guaranty your puppy to be free from any vaccinatable or genetic disorders or diseases. We vaccinate all puppies at 6 weeks. We also treat regularly for worms, mites, mange and fleas, although we cannot guaranty that your puppy will be totally free from any of these. Worms, mites, mange, and fleas are highly transmissible through a variety of dogs and we have no way to guaranty your puppy will not contract these from various sources. Your health guaranty is good up until your puppy is 12 weeks old. This will give you time to find a vet and have your puppy vet checked. If you, or your vet, should find any problem with your puppy that is covered by the guaranty, we will buy your puppy back minus the deposit. You will be expected to return your puppy to us at which point you will be refunded your money. We will not pay for any incurred vet bills. It is our aim to have happy owners and puppies in good forever homes. We reserve the right to refuse the purchase of a puppy to anyone. We love our animals too much to risk unhealthy homes.

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